Electracy: Gregory Ulmer

Elect…. what?

Electracy. According to George Ulmer, Electracy is the newest theory of literacy being invented to make use of the ever-changing digital interface. According to the article posted by The Learning Screen, “‘Electracy’ is to digital media what literacy is to alphabetic writing; an apparatus, or social machine, partly technological, partly institutional. […] Electracy […] is being invented, not to replace religion and science (orality and literacy), but to supplement them with a third dimension of thought, practice and identity.”  The idea of ecetracy stands as a form of education to media literacy, as people are becoming more aware of the uses of digital mediums for expression of thoughts and opinions.

Looking at Ulmer’s apparatus table

apparatustableIt is evident that electracy contains a deeper connection to the creative side of expression than the former methods of rhetoric.  The “practice” of electracy is through entertainment, and therefore the apparatus used to achieve entertainment contain more creative elements.  Unlike literacy enhancing the knowledge of a person, electracy focuses on fantasy when invoking a state of mind. According to Hannah Arendt’s work on renovating Kant’s “three critiques  on (thinking, willing, and judging), […] the judgement of taste supplemented the established and institutionalized axes of measure already in place: Right/Wrong (oral religious axis); True/False (literate science axis) [… and now] the third axis [which are] pleasure/ pain whose relevance is not to truth or rightness but well-being.” The idea of electracy serving the purpose of well-being is contingent with the emotional and creative elements of the theory.

Taking it a step further shoe-print-hi


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