Final Project

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Business Cards

Personal Business card





font information:
  •      KG Chelsea market script (for Name and Dreams, Reality)
  •      basic title font (for information and quotation)

professional business card





  •      Bodoni 72 Smallcaps Book (for name)
  •      Goudy Old Style Regular (information)
  •      Bergdorf Goodman Signature Font (for the label on the front)

So looks do matter…?


What exactly does experience mean? This word is tossed around constantly to explain interactions had with the world around us, but yet it is hard to explain exactly what an experience is.  Two of the most common uses of the word experience are the amount of knowledge we hold in a certain field, or the “process of doing and seeing things and of having things happen to you” according to Merriam-Webster.

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Developing Your Brand

Company Branding

Brands are crucial in the marketing industry to ensure the success of a product in an industry where competition is everywhere.  Brands are a way of distinguishing one product from another, and though both products might be identical in structure and function, one might be more popular than the other solely because of the brand name attached to it. Brands are developed not only through their names and logos, but through the mission of the company and the image the portray to the public. One of the best ways a company creates their brand is through advertisements and public endorsements by famous actors or sports figures who represent what the company hopes their audience is looking for.

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Did Freedom of Speech Just Get Freer?

With the advent of the Internet, and in turn the many different media platforms the Internet is allowed to host, everyday citizens are able to have their voices heard by more people much more easily. Because people no longer have to go through the publication process, citizens have the ability to post whatever they wish on the Internet, and leave it up to the rest of the population to find their work. In many ways this has boosted democracy and the spread of information, allowing people an open platform for discussion and innovation previously prevented by physical and geographical boundaries.

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